Our Business


Our certified HVAC technicians stand behind their work. 


We will assist you in the planning, installation and modernization of your climate control system, providing energy efficiency tips whenever possible.


All of our projects begin with an inspection of your home or business. Our comprehensive assessment will provide you with a variety of products and options to fit every budget. We know how busy you are and go to great lengths to keep inconveniences to a minimum while the project is completed.   


Our technicians take pride in their work and make sure it is done right the first time. We know the harmful effects of dirty air in the home and work diligently to make your house clean and energy efficient.


Our team receives regular training to update their skills. We can always recommend the latest technology for your installations and will troubleshoot your problems in no time.


To learn more about what we offer or discuss your climate control needs, please email us or call us at 813 628-8555.



Robert Wenzel

Phone: 813 628-8555

Cell 813-728-3294

Email: diamondairac@aol.com


With over 20 years in the HVAC business, Robert Wenzel started his own business in 2006.